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Hello!!! Site about a month off :)

HI there! My name is Aki and I am one of the new architects behind NKR 2.0. Ian is working on the website now and it should be ready in about a month. We’ve got an amazing line-up for the coming year and will be back properly in September. We are working with some amazing designers here in Japan, with film presentations due at the end of the year in Tokyo and Kyoto by some of our favourite filmic masters.

Ian will still be co-curating the label, but once the website is complete he will be focusing on Home Normal and his PhD so he’s left some of his friends in charge of NKR from now on. We will be releasing works in double packaging mostly, with a strong focus on micro-electronics and some wonderful underground noise groups from Indonesia, India and China next year. Our first release post-summer will be by secretive UK hipsters no211RPA. We actually have no idea who they are but the album is amazing and completely wild. We’ll then be following that up with albums by Christopher Hipgrave, Cedar AV, Autistici & Justin Varis, Bamboo Stilts, Juxta Phona, Wabi Experience, and loads more :)

Thanks for reading this and see you soon x 

Check out the wonderful Cedar AV jamming live from a little while back. Their awesome release will be a double CD showing the two sides of the band - studio (‘At Long Last’) and live (Nin-O-Van’). Due out late May, after our hols in the UK!

We’ll also be doing a rather deluxe re-issue of the Fugenn & The White Elephants album, ‘Archetype Zero’ with a bunch of remixes by some awesome Japanese artists, some film and some wicked design by Lord Buna. Probably not towards the very end of the year now as he’s blowing up here now and a busy boy. Can’t wait though :)

We’ll be doing a re-issue of The Green Kingdom’s wonderful album ‘Egress’! Released earlier last year, this was a huge hit (especially here in Japan), and one of our fastest selling albums to date. Featured in a number of end of year lists, we’re thrilled that we will be doing a very special edition with Michael of this fabulous album. Probably looking at a very early 2014 release :) Thanks!

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Digital store for NKR now open! :)

We have finally sorted out the NKR digital store via Bandcamp! We are also very kindly being distributed (both physically and digitally worldwide) now through the wonderful Morr label in Germany, and Boomkat in the UK :) However, now you can also stream all of our back catalogue and buy whatever takes your fancy!

Each release will just be fixed at a fiver as well. Whilst we get things sorted out for the next release, once the art and mastering have been finalised we’ll be putting up digital pre-orders with the first track or two available for immediate download prior to actual physical release :)

The new look NKR packaging and formats mean that there will be a bit of a wait for the next release (a couple of months at least), but it’ll definitely be worth it. We’ve taken the decision to move away from the single packaging and ‘musical polaroid’ aesthetic, to limited edition vinyl, and double cd, cd/dvd packages which take a while to wrap up right. We’ve got a team in place now who are busy as bees getting NKR really running right. We WILL be doing re-issues of some of our quickly out of print releases in new packaging, but there will be a bit of a wait I am afraid for the re-issues (probably not this year to be honest)…we’ve had a lot of emails about The Green Kingdom, Studiocanoe and Fugenn and The White Elephants releases in particular as these went ridiculously quickly here in Japan. These will be getting a bit of a deluxe release but once again, not for a while so please don’t ask! :)

Thanks :)

Now stream away:



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Packaging changes

Just a quick update before the big one (honest!). We will no longer be doing the single card packaging as we’ve been wanting to do double cd packaging for a while. Yes, this does mean that most (all?) of the records will be out with two discs worth of lovely material for you to enjoy from now on :) We even have a couple of new designers who are joining the new team. For 2013, your design sensei and guide will be a certain Buna, who makes some of the best artwork we think, this side of the world, and the other for that matter. 

Thanks :)

This year will see the release of a beautiful collaboration between Autistici and Justin Varis. ‘Nine’ will be out in 2013 on NKR, although we aren’t sure exactly when yet :) Here’s a little unmastered taster of one of the superb pieces from the album.

It has been a good few years since Christopher Hipgrave’s highly acclaimed debut ‘Day’, came out on Home Normal now. In the mean time he’s made software for Audiobulb, released another record on Low Point and we’ve been busy getting our Tiny Isles project (with Jason Corder and a host of friends) finalised. However, finally Chris has almost completed his latest album of beautifully fragile textures and melodies.

Here is an unmastered demo from Christopher Hipgrave’s upcoming album on NKR, ‘No Greater Hero Than The Least Plant That Grows’.

Due out post-mid 2013 in double CD edition. Double CD re-issue of Christopher’s debut, ‘Day’, will be released the same day.

Cover photography by Peter Nejedly.